Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tebow Fever

    Dating back to his college days at Florida, it seems that Tim Tebow has always been a polarizing figure. You either love Tim Tebow or you hate Tim Tebow. I never considered myself a hater, I just was not a total believer.
     As the Broncos keep winning, Tebow Fever continues to rage. I was sure that I was immune to this “disease”. His passing stats are terrible (remember the 2 for 8 passing game), his mechanics are unconventional, and his style couldn’t be further from what we think an NFL quarterback should have. I used to say, “There’s no way this guy wins in the NFL.”
     The first time I realized that I too may be coming down with “the fever” was a few weeks ago on a Thursday night. I found myself staying up until midnight to watch Tebow drive his team 95 yards down the field to beat the NY Jets. Of course, the winning drive was capped off with an amazing Tebow touchdown run in the final minutes. I remember thinking “Wow, so this is what all the hype is about.”
    Now, three more Tebow wins later, I must say that I have Tebow Fever. Did I mention that in five of the wins Denver was losing in the 4th quarter? Or that three of Tebow’s seven wins have come in overtime. Regardless of his passing stats, the stat that matters the most is wins. The Broncos were 1-4 before Tebow took over as starter. They are now 8-5, 7-1 with him as the starter.
    Critics of Tebow will point to the fact that the wins have come against some bad teams. They will also say that Denver's recent resurgance on defense has a lot to do with the new found success.

I don’t know if this success is sustainable, but it sure is fun to watch.
Tim Tebow is a winner who does it the right way. How can you root against that?


  1. I have total Tebow Fever! I am also one that was sure he could never win in the NFL but, I too watched that game against the Jets (because Mark Sanchez is my boyfriend, he just doesn't know it) and I found myself rooting for the Broncos.

    I will be surprised if the winning continues but, I'll be here every week hoping and yes, praying, for another Bronco win!

  2. I doubt they will go far in the playoffs, his throwing mechanics really are terrible. A good defense like Pitt or Baltimore should be able to contain his running. It makes an exciting story though!