Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ed Reed: Major Distraction or Master Motivator?

     As a Baltimore Ravens fan, I am looking forward to the AFC Championship matchup with the New England Patriots. However, instead of focusing on the game, the Ravens have had to deal with controversy all week. The team has had to answer questions about the comments star Safety Ed Reed made about Quarterback Joe Flacco.
     Reed, speaking honestly, said that Flacco was rattled by the Houston Texan's defense last week and he didn't seem able to handle the pressure. These comments were not a surprise to anyone who follows the Ravens. Defense has always reigned supreme in Baltimore. The offense has always been there to just "not screw up too badly."
     I have no problem with what Reed said.  A defense full of superstars is bound to get frustrated with an offense that struggles to find consistency. After Flacco's horrid performance last week, he needs something to wake him up. I just wish Reed's comments would have been kept private.
    The problem I have with this is now it has become a distraction to the team. Baltimore is gearing up for its biggest game of the year. They should be planning how to stop Tom Brady, not fielding questions about a defense that seems disgruntled with an ineffective offense. 
     Again, the fact that there is a rift between the defense and the offense is no real shocker. However, there is an unspoken rule in professional sports that a team's dirty laundry is not to be aired in public. Ed Reed later claimed that he was just trying to motivate Flacco. As true as his comments were, calling out a teammate days before a huge game is not the best motivation strategy.

Hopefully, this will be forgotten about by Monday morning and the Ravens will be celebrating an AFC Championship.

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