Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wild Card Weekend Predictions

     This weekend marks the start of the NFL playoffs. The Wild Card round traditionally presents some opportunities for upsets. (Remember Seattle over New Orleans last year?) Below are my thoughts on all four match-ups

     Bengals @ Texans 
        Probably the least watched game of the weekend, rookie QB T.J. Yates leads the Texans against fellow rookie Andy Dalton. This game could be an ugly, defensive battle. The Texans boast more playmakers on offense- I'll take them.
      Lions @ Saints
         The Lions, two years removed from an 0-17 season, are a great story this year. However, Drew Brees has been putting up video game like numbers and making good defenses look silly. Throw in the lightning fast Superdome turf and this game will probably be out of hand early. I'll take the Saints in a run-away.

     Falcons @ Giants
          I keep going back on forth on this one, both teams have been extremely inconsistent all year. Atlanta looked great in their last game, albeit against one of the worst teams in the league. Just when I thought the Giants would be contenders this year, they went and got swept by the "Dead"skins. I'll take the Giants in this one- only because they are at home.

     Steelers @ Broncos
          I told myself I wouldn't be biased with this pick, but who am I kidding?! I am the biggest Tebow fan this weekend. All joking aside, I feel the Broncos have a better than decent shot in this game. Not only are the Steelers playing without their starting running back and safety, Ben is still hampered by a bum ankle. I'll probably watch the game on mute so I don't have to hear the 52 references about how tough Roethlisberger is. Yes, Tebow will need divine intervention to get this win- I have faith.

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